ABEYCHAIN Developments (Week of May 2 – May 9, 2022)

May 10, 2022

ABEYCHAIN developments (week of May 2 – May 9, 2022)


– Developments on ABEYCHAINs transition from the PoW + DPoS consensus mechanism to PoS has begun.

– A new ABEY wallet version to support NFT function will be available in the Apple App Store and Android App store soon.

– ABEYCHAIN will officially enter a deflationary model by introducing a public black hole address to collect all gas fee generated on the ABEYCHAIN, and burned periodically.  A web page will be created on ABEYScan to show total gas fee collected to this address. 

– The ABEYScan explorer supports display of event names and smart contract method names (i.e. transactions on ABEYCHAIN smart contracts) now.

– The ABEY wallet will support display of assets based on the Ethereum blockchain soon.


– Price of the XT token has surged by 47% in the week of May 2 – May 9, 2022 (from 0.108 ABEY/XT – 0.16 ABEY/XT).

– An NFT game to help XSWAP users earn more XT tokens is under development.


– The first NFT creation, display & trading platform based on the ABEYCHAIN (fantase.io) will be introduced soon. 

ABEYCHAIN 近期发展(2022 5 2 日至 5 9 日)


– ABEYCHAIN PoW + DPoS 共识机制转向 PoS 机制的过渡已经开始。

支持 NFT 功能的新版ABEY 钱包即将登陆苹果App网店和安卓网店。

– ABEY代币的经济模型将正式进入通缩模式。一个公共的“黑洞”地址即将被建立,用于收集在ABEY链上产生的所有的gas费用,并将定期销毁。ABEYScan浏览器中将创建一个新网页,用于显示该地址中收取的总gas费额度。

– ABEYScan区块链浏览器现已支持显示事件的名称,以及智能合约方法的名称(即 ABEYCHAIN 智能合约上的所有交易)。

– ABEY钱包中即将支持显示各种基于以太坊区块链的资产。


– XT 代币的价格在 2022 5 2 日至 5 9 日这一周飙升了 47%(从 0.108 ABEY/XT 0.16 ABEY/XT

一款能够帮助 XSWAP 用户赚取更多 XT 代币的 NFT 游戏正在研发中。