Designed to serve as the underlying public blockchain infrastructure with high-speed performance and security allowing smart contracts, DeFi, GameFi, Metaverse applications, NFT creation, and an endless range of other use cases.


XSWAP is the home for Decentralized Finance (DeFi) on the ABEYCHAIN. Swap, stake, trade, yield farm, arbitrage, lend, borrow, and leverage, multi-chain interoperability and multi-asset wallet support. XSWAP is designed to be a liquidity provider and developer-friendly.


Puppy Planet and Revoland are blockchain-based multiplayer online battle arena (MOBA) games designed to combine players’ individual techniques and teamwork to challenge themselves in multiple game modes. Different from the current chain games on the market, They are product that truly integrates all the advantages of traditional mobile games, with a high degree of completion and entertainment, creating a real ‘social gaming experience’ and profit model.


DSwap is a decentralized prediction game platform built on the ABEYCHAIN. Bet on the future and get unbiased real-time forecasts on what matters most to you.

Wizards and Wonders

Wizards & Wonders is a unique NFT powered strategy based TCG (trading card game) played between two opposing players in real-time. Players build decks around powerful NFT-based Commander Cards who wield potent, game changing abilities that shape the battlefield in unique ways. Commander Cards belong to one of five distinct factions that offer differing play styles and strategies. Wizards & Wonders is set in a mythical realm rich with lore and backstory. The opposing faction’s grapple with one another for power, prestige, and principle in a never-ending epic squabble. WRATH offers a fully-fledged strategy TCG with beautifully realized artwork, deep mechanics, and a variety of uniquely detailed and well thought out Commander Cards that empower players to take ownership of the game’s rich ecosystem.


XRacer is a blockchain game world that combines NFT, DeFi and games to create a truly amazing gaming experience for users. Collect your racing car NFT, start your epic journey, and keep challenging the game to get Nitro and XT rewards.

The vision of XRacer is to build a diversified game ecosystem, connect traditional gamers with the blockchain world, and lead them into the blockchain field.


ABEYWORLD metaverse is a decentralized virtual reality platform powered by the ABEY blockchain. In it, users can freely create, experience, and monetize NFTs, content & applications. Land PLOTs (known as PLOTs) in ABEYWORLD may be purchased by the individual Community Members, giving them full control over their creations. PLOTs are NFTs created by Smart Contract, that guarantee Digital Ownership Rights.




XP Network

XP Networks allows Abey‘s assets to bridge over to 20+ blockchains.


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