ABEYCHAIN Developments (Week of Sept 5 – Sept 12, 2022)

Sep 13, 2022

ABEYCHAIN Developments (Week of Sept. 15 – 22, 2022)

1. Mainnet:EIP merge upgrade – this will enable the ABEYCHAIN to cooperate more closely with the Ethereum chain.

2. ABEY wallet:Integration with BSC (Binance Smart Chain) has been completed and is currently being tested. Integration with Polygon will be upgraded this week.

  1. ABEY Scan:
    – “Token page is now refreshing with no issues.
    – A separate page to display minting and transaction details of all NFTs on the ABEYCHAIN will be added soon.
  1. 主网:与EIP合并升级能够使ABEY链与以太坊更紧密地联合。


  2. ABEY钱包:与BSC(币安智能链)的集成已完成,目前测试中。本周将完成与Polygon(马蹄链)集成工作的升级。


  3. ABEY浏览器:
    – 已修复token页面刷新的问题。
    – 即将增加NFT详情显示页面,以更好的去展示与NFT相关的各种动作(铸造,交易,转账等)。