ABEYCHAIN Developments (Week of Sept 20 – Sept 27, 2022)

Sep 27, 2022

ABEYCHAIN Developments (Week of Sept. 20 – 27, 2022)

  1. Various application tests and regression tests after upgrading to DPoS have been executed to expand the coverage of test use cases
  2. PPROF (a tool for visualizing and analyzing performance data) was used to analyze node load and continue to optimize the load of RPC nodes (Remote Procedure Call nodes). 

1. Wallet notification function is under development


  1. The display of NFT page has been optimized
  2. Address aliases and authentication have been optimized

  1. 已完善升级至DPoS后的各种应用测试用例以及回归测试,目的为提高测试用例的覆盖率主网:
  1. 使用PPROF (一种用于可视化和分析性能分析数据的工具) 去分析节点负载,并继续优化RPC节点(Remote Procedure Call, 远程过程调用协议)的负载


1. 钱包的消息提醒功能正在进行开发



  1. NFT详情页显示已优化
  2. 地址别名和认证已优化