ABEYCHAIN Developments (Week of Oct 17 – 24, 2022)

Oct 18, 2022

ABEYCHAIN Developments (Week of Oct 17 24, 2022)


  1. The RPC (Remote Procedure Call Protocol) has been updated to improve compatibility with other servers
  2. The cmd command has been updated – An ABI (Application Binary Interface) tool has been added to facilitate the construction of a transaction body or analysis of the transaction structure based on the ABI interface of smart contracts

NOTE: The definition of an ABI interface describes the interface between an application and the operating system, between an application and its libraries, or between components of an application. ABI covers various details such as:

  • The size, layout and alignment of data types;
  • Calling convention (governs how the parameters of the function are passed and how the return value is accepted). For example: whether all parameters are passed on the stack, or through registers; which register is used for which function parameter; Whether a function parameter is pushed to the stack first or last;
  • The encoding of system calls and how an application makes system calls to the operating system;
  1. A new private key tool was added to facilitate the generation of private keys and private key management (keystore)

ABEY Wallet:

  1. Activity notification function is under development

ABEYScan Explorer:

  1. Back-end service has been optimized. The service framework has been upgraded
  2. Display style of the transaction body in the transaction details page has been modified, which is now being displayed at 32 bytes per line. This better matches the smart contract structure, making it easier for developers to analyze contract transactions

  1. 已更新RPCRemoste Procedure Call/远程过程调用协议),修复RPC兼容性。目的是为了让ABEY链在调用远程服务器中的信息时更加高效
  2. 已更新cmd命令,并添加了ABIApplication Binary Interface/程序二进制接口)工具, 便于基于合约ABI接口构建交易体或者解析交易结构



  • 数据类型的大小、布局和对齐;
  • 调用约定(控制着函数的参数如何传送以及如何接受返回值),例如,是所有的参数都通过栈传递,还是部分参数通过寄存器传递;哪个寄存器用于哪个函数参数;通过栈传递的第一个函数参数是最先push到栈上还是最后; 
  • 系统调用的编码和一个应用如何向操作系统进行系统调用;
  1. 已添加私钥(Private Key)工具,便于生成私钥与私钥管理(keystore


  1. 钱包的消息提醒功能进行开发中


  1. 已完成优化后端服务,并升级服务框架
  2. 已完成修改交易详情中交易体显示样式,按照每行32字节显示,与合约方法结构匹配,更加便于开发者分析合约交易