ABEYCHAIN Developments (Week of Oct 24 – 31, 2022)

Oct 24, 2022

ABEYCHAIN Developments (Week of Oct 24 – 31, 2022)


1. The RLP (Recursive-length Prefix) tool was added in cmd command to facilitate the serialization and deserialization of on-chain data

Note: A RLP tool refers to the recursive length prefix (Recursive Length Prefix) encoding scheme. This is a space-efficient object serialization scheme used in ABEYCHAIN. It allows for encoding of complex data structures

2. The ABEY Light Client node is under development. Its purpose is to enhance the loading time of on-chain data in users’ mobile devices


1. Push notification function is in the completion stage. Testings are in progress


1. Common smart contract and Event display methods are updated to enhance data display in the browser

2. Analysis and development of ARC-1155 contracts is in progress

Note: An ARC-1155 contract are refered to as “NFT bulk transfer contracts” (For example, if a character in a game application has weapons or tools attached, the transfer of this collection of NFTs will be displayed in ARC1155 contracts). Transfers of individual NFTs will appear in ARC-721 contracts.


1. 更新cmd命令,添加RLP(Recursive-length Prefix)工具, 便于序列化和反序列化数据

注:RLP工具用于递归长度前缀(Recursive Length Prefix)编码方案。它是在ABEY链中使用的一种空间有效的对象序列化方案。它允许对复杂数据结构进行编码

2. ABEY Light Client节点正在开发中。目的是使的用户的设备数据更新更快速,准确


1. 钱包的消息提醒功能进入完成阶段,开发测试进行中


1. 以更新常用的合约方式和Event显示方式,可使数据在浏览器中显示更加清晰

2. ARC-1155合约解析正在进行中