ABEYCHAIN Developments (Week of Dec 05 – Dec 12, 2022)

Dec 13, 2022


The ABEY Light Client node is close to completion. It is being developed for the following purposes:

1. Enable any user device to load key on-chain data more efficiently and accurately

2. Allow for easier expansion of on-chain nodes on a multitude of hardware devices


Version 3.0.3 is released with the following updates:

1. Full range of push notifications is completed

2. Wallet mnemonics restored


ABEY Light Client轻节点即将完成开发。它的开发目的如下:

1. 使用户的任何设备都能更高效、更准确地加载关键链上数据

2. 允许更多种硬件设备在链上扩展和增加节点


版本 3.0.3 已发布,更新如下:

1. 全方位消息推送通知功能完成

2. 钱包助记词已恢复