ABEY Foundation – A year in review and upcoming plans

Feb 1, 2023

Hello everyone, Today we would like to talk to you about ABEYCHAIN’s major accomplishments in 2022, and upcoming plans in 2023. 2022: a breakthrough year into the mainstream – The ABEYCHAIN has shifted a 100% DPoS consensus, in order to achieve a better balance between efficiency, security and decentralization. – ABEYCHAIN has partnered with XP.NETWORK for Cross Chain NFT Bridge Integration. This creates the foundation for ABEYCHAIN to launch cross chain NFT applications with other supported blockchains including: Ethereum, Polygon, Binance Chain, Avalanche, Tron, Solana, Cardano, GateChain, and more. – The ABEY token has been listed on the LBank exchange – a top-20 exchange in the world. – ABEYWORLD was introduced in April and has quickly taken its place as one of the Top Metaverse platforms in the world. With 1,000’s of daily users ABEYWORLD has taken the industry by storm and is a massive hit with users. Based on the ABEYCHAIN, ABEYWORLD is the first and only platform that allows users to not only have fun, but to make money in the Metaverse, with programs like Gold Rush and Lumber Yard. Users can acquire Land Plots, Build their own Houses, buy and sell NTFs, interact with other users. Citizens can earn a share of all the revenue generated in ABEYWORLD. – Avatars were introduced in ABEYWORLD 2D. Now each person can have their own identity in ABEYWORLD. ABEYWORLD will be introducing more fashionable clothing and accessories to personalize your Avatar. ABEYWORLD 2D has also introduced a Guest feature, to allow more people to login and experience ABEYWORLD as a guest. We are certain that once they experience ABEYWORLD they will want to join us and be a part of the community. – ABEYWORLD shares revenue with its qualified citizens based on their AP (ABEYWORLD Points). Revenue share is determined by your purchase volume in ABEYWORLD. For each ABEY spent in ABEYWORLD for qualified product purchases and participating in special activities, ABEYWORLD citizens can earn ABEYWORLD Points (AP). You can build, customize, and improve your ABEYWORLD assets such as your PLOTs, buildings, avatar, and other items. The more PLOTs you have, the more buildings you can build. You can also keep Improving and Upgrading, or “Level Up” your assets. All of this will help you accumulate more ABEYWORLD Points and increase your share of the Revenue Sharing Pool! As we look to the future for ABEYWORLD we will be introducing more ways for our citizens to have fun and make money. We can’t wait to tell you about some of the new and innovative plans we have in development now. These new and exciting programs will be announced soon. – The new Fantase.io NFT platform has been launched to enable creating, buying, selling and trading of NFT assets on the ABEYCHAIN. – The XRacer was introduced and the blind box NFT series was sold on Gate.io – another top exchange in the world. The game has since been consistently growing in popularity and influence in the industry. – Development of ARC-1155 contracts has been completed to support trading and transfer of complex NFTs between users’ wallets. – The Light Client Nodes has been created to improve efficiency and decentralization of the blockchain. Upcoming plans for 2023: First, we will be conducting a mainnet upgrade. This will include compatibility upgrades with the Ethereum Virtual Machine (aka. EVM), as well as increased compatibility with Ethereum Improvement Proposals (aka. EIPs). We also plan to make better use of existing web3 technology and open source standards to create more vertical applications. We will also be updating our light client, or light node, to make the ABEYCHAIN more friendly for individual users and embedded devices, as well as more decentralized. In addition, we plan to further optimize our consensus algorithm to further address the “impossible triangle” problem. This will make the ABEYCHAIN more decentralized, efficient, and secure. Next, we have several infrastructure updates planned for the future. These include updates to our wallet software and blockchain explorer, as well as support for more public chain assets – this means more assets from other chains will become compatible with the ABEYCHAIN in cross-chain operations. We will also be optimizing more support for non-fungible tokens (aka. NFTs) and adding push notifications for the ABEY wallet. Another key area of focus is the expansion and optimization of our oracle service. The oracle acts as a link between the blockchain and the real world, allowing smart contracts to interact with external data. It is an essential component for many DApps such as the decentralized exchange. We are committed to building a strong and active ecosystem around ABEYCHAIN. This includes the development of more decentralized applications and the creation of a one-stop metaverse construction infrastructure. We will also be providing a complete and open-source development kit to support developers of ABEYCHAIN applications, as well as supporting more GameFi and NFT applications. The ABEY Foundation has introduced a $10 Million Dollar fund to support worthwhile development projects for ABEYCHAIN. Finally, you will find ABEYCHAIN at top blockchain conferences and events around the world, as we are devoted to take ABEYCHAIN’s global presence the to the next level. Thank you for your time and I hope you are as excited as we are about the future of ABEYCHAIN. – ABEY Foundation
大家好, 今天,我想和大家聊一聊ABEYCHAIN(ABEY链)在2022年中取得的主要成就,以及将在2023年中迎来的新计划。 2022:进入主流市场的突破之年 – 在2022年中,ABEYCHAIN已经从过去的混合共识转向了 100%的 DPoS 共识,以在效率、安全和去中心化之间取得最佳的平衡 – ABEYCHAIN目前已与 XP.NETWORK(全球最大的NFT跨链桥)完成NFT跨链桥集成的合作。这为 ABEYCHAIN 与其他大型区块链生态(如 Ethereum 以太坊、Polygon 马蹄链、BSC、Avalanche、Tron波场、Solana、Cardano、GateChain 等)推出跨链 NFT 应用程序奠定了基础。 – ABEY代币已登入全球排名前20内的LBank(蓝贝壳)交易所,并正在准备登入更多更有影响力的交易所。 – ABEY世界于2022年4月推出,并迅速成为全球顶级的元宇宙平台之一。 ABEY世界拥有成千上万名活跃用户并深受其用户爱戴。ABEY世界基于 ABEY链,是第一个也是唯一一个让用户在元宇宙中不仅可以体验快乐,还可以创造收入的平台,ABEY世界已经推出了淘金热和木财园等项目。 用户可以购买地块、打造自己的建筑、买卖NFT、并与其他用户进行互动。符合要求的公民更可以分享 ABEY世界所产生的所有收入。 – ABEYWORLD 2D 世界中已引入了虚拟形象功能。现在,每个用户都可以在 ABEYWORLD 中拥有自己的化身。 同时,ABEYWORLD 将推出更多时尚服装和配饰来个性化您的头像。 ABEYWORLD 2D还引入了游客登录功能,以让更多人可以以游客的身份登录体验ABEYWORLD。这将使体验ABEY世界的过程变得更加简单。 – ABEYWORLD将根据其收益分享 AP(ABEYWORLD 点数)与其符合要求的公民分享收益。收入分享的额度将取决于您在 ABEYWORLD 中的AP点数。ABEYWORLD 公民将在 ABEYWORLD 购买新产品和参与不同活动中的每一笔 ABEY 消费中获得获得 ABEYWORLD 点数 (AP)。另外,在拥有资产之后,您可以继续构建、定制和改进您的 ABEYWORLD 资产 – 例如您的地块、建筑物、头像和其他物品。您拥有的地块越多,您可以建造的建筑物就越多。所有这一切都将帮助您积累更多 ABEYWORLD点数!当我们展望 ABEYWORLD 的未来时,我们将为公民引入更多娱乐和盈利的方式。这些新的计划将很快公布。 – Fantase.io NFT平台已经上线,用户目前已经可以在Fantase平台上创建和交易各种 NFT 资产。 – XRacer游戏的NFT盲盒系列在此前在全球另一顶级交易所Gate.io上线(芝麻开门)。自此,该游戏在业界的知名度和影响力方面继续不断增长。 – 目前已经完成对ARC-1155合约的开发,以支持用户钱包之间对于复杂 NFT 的交易和转移功能(例如地块 + 房屋) – 已创建轻客户端节点(ABEY Light Client Node),用于进一步提高区块链的效率和去中心化程度 2023年中即将到来的计划: – 首先,我们将继续进行主网升级。这将包括与以太坊虚拟机(又名 EVM)的兼容性方面的升级,以及与以太坊改进提案(又名 EIP)拓展更高的兼容性。我们还计划更好地利用现有的 Web3 技术和开源标准来创建更多的Web3垂直应用程序。 – 我们将继续优化ABEY轻节点,以使 ABEYCHAIN 对不同等级的用户设备更加友好,同时使链更加去中心化。 – 此外,ABEYCHAIN将进一步优化共识算法,以进一步解决“不可能三角”的问题。这将使 ABEYCHAIN 变得更加去中心化、高效和安全。 – 接下来,我们计划进行多项基础设施方面的优化。其中包括对钱包软件和区块链浏览器的更新,以及对更多公链资产的支持——这意味着来自其它链的更多资产将可在跨链操作中与 ABEYCHAIN 兼容,尤其是NFT类资产。同时,为 ABEY 钱包添加更多类型的推送通知。 – 另外,oracle (预言机)服务的扩展和优化将成为一个焦点。预言机服务是区块链与现实世界之间的纽带,它允许智能合约与外部进行数据交互。它是去中心化交易所等许多应用的重要组成部分。 – 我们将不断致力于围绕 ABEYCHAIN 建立一个强大而活跃的生态系统。这包括开发更多,更加去中心化的应用程序,以及服务于元宇宙构建的基础设施。我们还将提供完整的开源开发工具包,以支持更多 GameFi 和NFT应用程序。 最后,您会在世界各地的顶级区块链会议和活动中看到 ABEYCHAIN的身影,我们将致力于把ABEYCHAIN 的全球影响力提升到一个全新的高度。 感谢大家的时间和关注,ABEY链将会继续为大家带来更多惊喜! – ABEY基金会