ABEYCHAIN Developments (Week of Apr 10 – Apr 17, 2023)

Apr 18, 2023


1. The compatibility development of transaction hash on the ETH network is in progress. After completion, ETH services and scripts can be used directly on the ABEYCHAIN® without modifications.
2. Artificial intelligence tools & elements are being incorporated in the development of the ABEY blockchain.


1. Support of the TRON network has been deployed and is ready to be released in the new wallet app.
2. Development and adaptation process of the new UI is close to completion.


1. Display and verification function of smart contracts’ coding on the explorer is in progress.


1. 对于以太坊transaction hash的兼容性开发进行中。完成后,以太坊网络中的服务和脚本将不需要任何修改即可直接在ABEY链上使用
2. 多种人工智能工具以及元素已添加至ABEY链的开发过程中


1. 支持TRON(波场)的正式服务已部署,准备在新版钱包app中发布
2. 新版的用户界面的开发和适配工作接近完成


1. 链上应用智能合约的代码显示和验证功能进行中