InterWorld to Unveil AI-Powered 3D Metaverse’s First-Ever Virtual Office Spaces: The Future of Work is Here

Aug 21, 2023

Leading the forefront of digital innovation, InterWorld is excited to announce the imminent launch of its cutting-edge virtual office buildings and spaces, set within its state-of-the-art AI-powered 3D metaverse. This monumental launch promises to redefine how businesses and teams collaborate, connect, and cultivate creativity in the digital age.

A Glimpse into the Future of Work

With traditional office spaces becoming a relic of the past, InterWorld’s revolutionary virtual office environments offer a timely and immersive alternative. These unique spaces blend the benefits of physical interaction with the boundless possibilities of digital design, providing a seamless bridge between reality and the digital realm.

Powered by Advanced AI Technology

InterWorld’s AI-backed infrastructure ensures an experience like no other. From intuitive room customizations, real-time data analytics, to intelligent avatar assistants ready to cater to your professional needs — every corner of the virtual office is infused with our state-of-the-art AI technology, ensuring efficient and fluid interactions.

Features and Benefits

  • Holistic Work Environment: Meticulously designed virtual spaces equipped with conference rooms, collaborative areas, private cabins, and recreational zones.
  • Global Collaboration: Connect with team members, partners, and clients from around the globe in real-time, transcending geographical boundaries.
  • Eco-friendly Initiative: With no physical infrastructure, we are paving the way for a sustainable and green professional future.
  • Seamless Integration: Compatibility with leading productivity tools and software ensures a seamless transition from the physical office to the virtual realm.
  • Enhanced Security: Leveraging the latest encryption and security protocols, businesses can have peace of mind, knowing their data and conversations remain confidential.

About InterWorld

Established in 2023, InterWorld is a trailblazer in AI-powered metaverse platforms. With an emphasis on innovation, InterWorld is committed to bridging the gap between reality and the digital frontier, creating experiences that resonate and revolutionize.

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InterWorld – 基于人工智能技术建立的 3D 元宇宙即将揭示首个虚拟办公空间

InterWorld – 基于ABEY链以及 AI 技术所开发的 3D 元宇宙应用近期宣布即将推出最新的尖端虚拟办公楼和空间功能系列。此次重大发布将重新定义企业和团队如何在数字时代展开工作、建立连接和培养创意。


随着传统写字楼办公空间正在逐渐成为过去的办公方式,InterWorld 的革命性虚拟办公环境将提供一个沉浸式的替代方案。这些独特的空间将把物理互动的优点与数字时代的无尽可能性相结合,为现实和数字领域之间提供了无缝的桥梁。

由先进的 AI (人工智能)技术驱动

InterWorld 的 AI 的基础设施将确保用户独一无二的体验。从直观的房间定制、实时数据分析,到随时准备满足您的专业需求的智能化身助手 — InterWorld虚拟办公的每一个角落都将注入最先进的 AI 技术,以确保高效率工作和流畅的互动。


  • 一体化工作环境:精心设计的虚拟空间,内部将配备会议室、协作区域、私人区域和娱乐区。
  • 促进全球化协作:用户可与来自全球的团队成员、合作伙伴和客户实时连接,打破地理界限。
  • 生态友好:摒弃物理基础设施后,InterWorld正在为可持续和绿色的办公环境未来铺设道路。
  • 无缝整合现实与虚拟空间:InterWorld将与重要的办公工具和软件的兼容,以确保从物理办公室到虚拟领域的无缝过渡。
  • 增强的安全性:利用最新的加密和安全协议,入住企业和个体均可对所有数据以及对话保持绝对机密性。

关于 InterWorld

建立于 2023 年,InterWorld 是以 AI技术驱动的元宇宙平台的先驱。InterWorld 将致力于弥合现实与数字前沿之间的鸿沟,为全球用户创造共鸣和革命性的体验。