InterWorld NFT Staking Plan will start on March 1, 2024

Feb 29, 2024

Starting from 8am CST on March 1, 2024, InterWorld NFT staking program will allow InterWorld Citizens to obtain $ITW tokens as rewards by following these steps:

1. Purchase an IW MetaTech Package in ADX Marketing to obtain an InterWorld Experience Ticket
2. Use your Experience Ticket to activate a land PLOT in InterWorld by paying the activation fee in $ABEY.
3. Purchase a Building from the InterWorld Marketplace.
4. Mint your land PLOT and Building as NFTs.
5. Stake your land PLOT and Building via NFT Staking (on the Discover tab in the Abey 3.0 Wallet app) to initiate the reward process.

InterWorld Citizens will acquire $ITW tokens as rewards, which will initially accrue in their accounts and then can be released daily. Once the $ITW tokens are released, they will be available for withdrawal to the users’ non-custodial wallets. They will be released daily based on the predetermined release schedule powered by smart contracts.

InterWorld Citizens may choose to pause and resume NFT staking at any time but each PLOT and BLDG NFT is eligible to be staked for a maximum of 360 days to receive $ITW rewards.

Additionally, InterWorld Citizens have the opportunity to earn InterWorld Points (IP). These points can be used to accelerate the daily release of $ITW tokens. You can earn InterWorld Points by participating in various in-world activities or by spending your $ITW tokens, for instance, by making improvements to your land and buildings (Level Up) to increase reward output.

InterWorld NFT质押计划将于2024年3月1日开始

自2024年3月1日早8点(美国中部标准时间)起,InterWorld NFT质押计划将正式开启,让InterWorld公民通过以下步骤获得$ITW代币作为奖励:

1. 在ADX Marketing购买IW MetaTech套装以获得InterWorld预售券。
2. 使用您的体验预售卷在InterWorld账户内激活一个地块并使用$ABEY支付地块激活费。
3. 在InterWorld市场内购买一栋建筑。
4. 将您的地块和建筑铸造成NFT。
5. 质押您地块和建筑的NFT(在外部ABEY钱包APP的发现页面)以开启NFT质押奖励计划。

InterWorld公民将获得 $ITW 代币作为NFT质押的奖励,这些代币最初将在InterWorld账户中累积,并将根据预定的释放规则每天释放。一旦 $ITW 代币被释放,它们将可以提取到用户的非托管钱包中。它们将根据智能合约驱动的预定发布时间表每天释放。


此外,InterWorld公民还有机会赚取 InterWorld 积分 (IP)。这些积分可用于加速 $ITW 代币的每日释放。您可以通过参加各种InterWorld的活动或花费您的 $ITW 代币来获得 InterWorld 积分,例如,通过提升您的地块和建筑等级以增加获得奖励的效率。