The Abey Foundation grants program works to provide funding to support the Abey blockchain.

Why Abey

The Abey Foundation (“Foundation”) is committed to realizing the inter-app concept, and we are eager to engage with developers and entrepreneurs who have innovative ideas. In addition to providing a grant, we will support your fundraising, marketing, and overall growth. Our inter-app ecosystem enables seamless and meaningful partnerships between existing apps. Join us in creating a dynamic and interconnected community.

Project Team

From our experience, the most successful projects are spearheaded by at least two team members with at least one individual having significant software engineering and/or development experience. While we encourage applications from team-led projects, we do accept applications from individual developers. If you are a single developer or otherwise do not have a partner or co-founder, we may be able to help connect you with one.

Entrepreneurial Spirit

Our Grant Program focuses on legitimate, transformative Web3 innovations for the Abey blockchain. We want entrepreneurs to succeed and we expect you to independently raise further funds as your project evolves. In addition to individuals and small teams, we also accept applications from corporations, nonprofit organizations and other legal entities. We do ask, however, for a detailed description of the project team in the grant application.

Project Pitch

Your application should include a description of all of the members of your team, a business plan and a pitch deck. After we have evaluated your submission, we may need to engage with you via the phone or video conferencing to learn more about your submission, and have you present the ideas in your proposed project to us. A successful pitch increases the chances of your project being awarded a grant.


Your application should always be built on Abey and all code should always be completely open source. Please include any valid reasons to not open-source certain parts of the code in your application. We may consider these reasons when evaluating your project’s grant application.

Apply for Grant

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Review and Decisions

Our team meets periodically to review grant applications and discuss the submissions. To the best of our ability, we will confirm receipt of the grant applications when we receive the submission and provide a general timeline of when you can expect to receive a response. We may need additional information from you, so please be patient with us. We intend to be transparent about our decision-making throughout the evaluation process. It is within our sole discretion to reject an application or not award a grant for any reason.