Faster Transaction Speeds,
Lower Gas Fees

ABEYCHAIN 3.0 is quickly becoming the go-to smart contract platform for Metaverse, GameFi & DeFi dApp developers around the globe.

Processing up to 3,000 TPS while featuring ultra-low gas fees, ABEYCHAIN 3.0 is a multi-Layered programmable blockchain with a DPoS consensus specializing in building decentralized applications, business use cases, and achieving cross-chain Interoperability.  It is based on parallel transaction execution and the ABEY Virtual Machine (AVM).


On Sept 1, 2022, the ABEY Foundation introduced the ABEY 3.0 blockchain.

After years of development, the ABEYCHAIN 3.0 protocol represents a significant advancement in blockchain technology since ABEY’s initial release in 2018. ABEYCHAIN 3.0 uses a Delegated Proof-of-Stake (DPoS) consensus to support High-Volume transactions, while simultaneously solving the biggest problem confronting permissionless blockchains today: the trade-off between decentralization, security, and efficiency.



ABEYCHAIN is the first fully operational, third-generation public chain to solve one of the most pressing challenges in the public chain space: the ability to achieve simultaneously a high degree of both decentralization, security, and efficiency, which is commonly known as the “Impossible Triangle.”

High-Speed Transactions

ABEYCHAIN 3.0 features a Delegated Proof-of-Stake consensus in order to boost throughput to a whole new level. ABEYCHAIN’s DPoS committee is responsible for transaction validation. Committee members are elected by ABEY token holders. Membership will be on a rotating basis in order to prevent corruption in a timely manner. The dPoS consensus is currently capable of processing up to 3,000 transactions per second (TPS) with the ability to scale to even greater processing power with an eventual upgrade to “sharding”. Sharding allows the ABEY blockchain to be broken up into smaller pieces called “shards.” These shards act as semi-autonomous fragments of the main blockchain and can process transactions on their own. With sharding, ABEYCHAIN’s TPS is estimated to increase to 100,000. Further, unrelated transactions are splitted and executed them in parallel to greatly optimize execution efficiency and throughput.

Cross-Chain Interoperability

Although many different blockchains exist in 2021, very few can achieve interoperability with other chains like ABEYCHAIN. ABEYCHAIN was created with maximum interoperability in mind – this means that a variety of high-quality crypto assets native to other blockchains can be seamlessly transferred onto or processed through the ABEYCHAIN without experiencing any significant delays.

Designed For Decentralized
Applications (dApps)

Designed for dApps, ABEYCHAIN 3.0 is quickly becoming the blockchain of choice for developers looking to build decentralized applications, implement business use cases, and more easily achieve cross-chain Interoperability. Developers can take advantage of the highly advanced features of ABEYCHAIN to build their own applications without limit to the potential use cases that can be developed and supported on the ABEYCHAIN. As an added feature designed to incentivize a robust community of developers building out the ABEYCHAIN ecosystem, dApps can be Showcased, Purchased, and Sold within the innovative ABEY Marketplace, an exciting feature that users simply will not find in other blockchain ecosystems.


Smart Contract Platforms

Designed to serve as the underlying public blockchain infrastructure with high-speed performance and security allowing smart contracts, DeFi, GameFi, Metaverse applications, NFT creation, and an endless range of other use cases.



ABEYCHAIN is now partnering with XP.NETWORK.
Connecting with over 20 blockchains.



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